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~Angela Hagerty, Interior Designer

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Angela is a very energetic

Angela is a very energetic designer with GREAT ideas!
She takes her time listening to her clients and the visions they have.
Angela makes herself available on a moment’s notice to assist her clients with questions, selecting materials, face to face meetings, etc.
I highly recommend Angela for any future project you wish to have complete!


Angela has saved me time

Angela has saved me time and money! My husband questioned hiring someone for even small projects but as a busy mom of 4 kids, I didn’t have the time to research and shop for the best deals. She helped me pick paint colors, find furniture, accessories and lighting fixtures and put me in touch with contractors for bigger projects. Her knowledge of the area and knowing where to shop was essential. Through her help, I pulled together my new home faster than I ever thought I would – and if I did it on my own I know I would not be as happy and I would have ended up spending more than I would have liked!

Regan Flaherty

I have been lucky enough

I have been lucky enough to work with Angela on multiple occasions. She has an amazing eye for interior design, home decor and accessories. On each project, she was able to incorporate our ideas and make them even better. She is creative and stylish, professional and honest. I look forward to our next project together!


Angela is AMAZING!

Angela is AMAZING! She helped us out immensely on our 1st floor remodel. Her eye for detail is laser sharp. She identified flaws in my contractors design that would have been a huge problem if the planned project proceeded. My job is progressing well thanks to her changes and I am anxious to get final design input from Angela. I highly recommend her with no reservations.

Mary Rediess

My wife and I decided

My wife and I decided to have our three bathrooms renovated and little did we know how hard it is to get it right. Instead of hiring an interior designer at the start of the project, we began the process on our own and we stumbled in many ways. Hiring Angela was a life saver for us and with her leading the way we now have the most beautiful bathrooms. She is a tremendous listener and integrated our passion and interests to her experience and knowledge. She designed the space so that both upstairs bathrooms are much bigger without losing storage and closet space. Our master bathroom has a big beautiful tiled shower, heated floors and an attached closet for my wife and I . She has a robust network and helped us find a glass company for our bathrooms and a stone company for our master bathroom. Our countertops are so beautiful. She directed us to a tile company and helped us select beautiful tile for the hall and master bathroom. We went with her to pick the fixtures, toilets, vanities, tile, etc. She has relationships with many companies and she was able to get what we wanted at a reduced prize. Angela was crucial in making sure that the contractors did quality work and on time. She is like an architect and has a deep understanding when it comes to codes, quality materials and quality construction. She made sure that the work was done on time and held others in the process accountable. When we left for Florida to visit my mother, Angela was determined to have everything completed before our return. She came to our house and observed the work and provided feedback in order to make sure that things were done the right way. She also helped us get a contractor to transform our floors from carpet to wood and they look great!!! We will continue to work with Angela in the future as we continue to improve our home. It is great as homeowners to have her as a partner in this work. I highly recommend Angela Hagerty and indesign interiors. Eileen and I have been very fortunate that Angela came along to help us throughout this journey

Elliot Stern

Angela is a hardworking professional

Angela is a hardworking professional interior decorator, She is very cheerful and passionate about her work and thats how she`s making real change in the industry, she`s very creative and bold towards her spectaculars ideas about interior designing, I’ll definitely recommend her.


I have worked with Angela

I have worked with Angela on a few projects fabricating decorative home décor for her clients. I find her very easy and fun to work with. I have worked with other designers and know that her work is very high quality as she puts lots of time, energy and expertise into her designs. Her work is fabulous!

Marie Kurmin

Angela was a tremendous resource

Angela was a tremendous resource in helping with the planning and design of my new kitchen. Easy to work with and flexible. She would always come up with good options or recommendations on how to make my kitchen fit my personality while still be functional.

Joe Mellia

Angela is great to work

Angela is great to work with. She is down to earth .
She is a great listener
Creative- helpful and practical ideas
She is patient- ( it takes a while for me to make a decision)
Readily available – has come onsite several times
Great communicator!

Linda St. Croix

Angela made such a difference

Angela made such a difference in our home. Her ideas have made a lasting positive impact on our daily lives. I highly recommend her. She is professional, reliable and a pleasure to work with. I am so happy we had her!!!

Karen Carroll

Angela is amazing. I needed

Angela is amazing. I needed someone to help me furnish and decorate our new home within a budget and she was super helpful, attentive, and knew where to spend and where to save. It all seemed overwhelming for me but Angela helped me focus and made the process far more efficient. She listened to what we wanted in terms of style and made it come to life. I couldn’t have done it without her.

Cindy M

Very friendly and easy to

Very friendly and easy to talk to. Gave me great ideas!!

Mary Hatch

I have worked with Angela

I have worked with Angela as a colleague for 10 years. Angela’s creative problem solving in interior design is outstanding. Angela works hard at her craft, always on the cutting edge of interior fashion.

Interior Design requires an incredibly broad knowledge, not just training in surfaces and line, color and texture but a truly comprehensive knowledge of architecture, construction processes, building materials and most importantly, people. Communicating with clients and translating that to all of the many personalities involved in a project with the end result meeting and exceeding her clients’ expectations.

Angela stands out in her expertise for all of the above!

Barry Lane

Angela is a colleague of

Angela is a colleague of mine.
A very talented designer with expertise in all areas.
We have combine efforts on a few jobs and she is very easy to work with and very attentive to her client wishes.
She is always aware of the bigger picture and has always added valuable input and recommendations.

Classic Kitchens

I have worked with Angela

I have worked with Angela as a supplier to her design projects and am amazed how well she brings all facets of the design process together so her customers are completely satisfied. We supply art work so we are at the end of the design process so if there were problems we would see them. We don’t and that is key. She always when appropriate leaves room for the “jewelry on the dress” so the customer understands the importance of putting quality art with a quality design project. One of her strongest points is that she maintains a sense of professional humor with the project which seems to always make it fun for both the customer and supplier.

Domenic Rignanese

We purchased an older home

We purchased an older home that we knew the first major project was to remodel the kitchen, however, putting your ideas and jumbled thoughts together to create your vision was at times overwhelming and seemed impossible but when I met Angela I immediately knew she was the one for us, she got me, listened and knew exactly what I was trying to accomplish and it has been a wonderful collaboration ever since!! I appreciate her attention to detail, hands on in every facet of the project and always available when we need her!!
Angela has the gift, the vision and expertise to create not only what we envisioned for the kitchen but how to carry that vision throughout our entire home. Her knowledge, confidence and abilities is amazing and impressive. We are looking forward to Angela handling our next remodeling project and once again putting it in her capable hands!!

Jo Bouve

One of the best decisions

One of the best decisions my husband and I made when renovating our entire house was to hire Angela Hagerty. She has an exceptional sense of good design. Our home turned out even better than we had imagined. I would definitely recommend Angela for your next house project. You will be so delighted with the results.

Andrea Lovett

Angela is great to work

Angela is great to work with. She helped us get 2 bathrooms renovated in record time! She saved me a ton of time.

Karin Sloan

Angela is wonderful to work

Angela is wonderful to work with. She is a great listener and very responsive to ideas and requests. The contractor she works with is amazing. Highly recommend for large or small projects!


CCL- Homescapes has collaborated with

CCL- Homescapes has collaborated with In-design Interiors and Angela since 2005.

Angela has proved to be a top tier professional in the interior design and construction industry with a 21st century approach to the process.

Angela and her collaborators focus on the end user’s experience before, during and after the process!

Barry Lane, Design Showroom Manager, CCL-Homescapes

Building a new house is

Building a new house is such a stressful endeavor! Angela was incredible through it all. Her knowledge of the process, from architectural design through completion and finishing, was a blessing. She takes the time to learn your tastes, preferences and ideas, and she is fun to be with through it all! She answers questions, texts, emails quickly and thoughtfully. And she is a good person as well. She certainly has my highest recommendation.

Kate Surprenant

I cannot recommend Angela enough

I cannot recommend Angela enough – knowledgeable, easy to work with, very responsive, great ideas without forcing, excellent with coming up with alternatives(oftentimes cheaper cost), stays within budget, and SAVED us a LOT of time – even met with me at the store to pick out lighting fixtures, faucets, etc. She has contacts throughout the industry – so she is able to obtain competetive qoutes on various items! Look forward to working with her again!

paul k. flavin

Angela is amazing to work

Angela is amazing to work with. She is creative while being practical, great at communicating and fun to work with. She seemed to know what I wanted before I did!
Our kitchen re-model was beyond our expectations. She was a pleasure to work with, mindful of our budget, has a great eye for detail and works with amazing contractors. I highly recommend her.


Angela is simply wonderful. She

Angela is simply wonderful. She comes into a project with an open mind, fresh ideas, great taste and a fun personality. She gets a feel for your style and vision and expertly focuses and executes. She translates pieces of our ideas and fits them practically and beautifully into our space. Working with Angela helps me complete items on my to do list, and the changes we make to our space with Angela’s guidance are always the changes that feel the most complete get the most compliments. Angela is responsive, professional, and wonderful to work with.

Jessie Shearer

The minute Angela walked through

The minute Angela walked through our door we knew we had found the right designer. We had a vague idea of layout and design of our remodel – a project that included demolishing and remodeling our home’s first floor. Angela worked in our challenging small kitchen to transform it to a beautiful and more functional space, even fitting in a large island and separate breakfast dining area. Her design drawings helped us visualize the room. She offered several different layouts…which spoke to us as we could really dialogue with her about the pros and cons of each.

Angela took us out of our comfort zone to select cabinets, countertops, tiles, hardware, lighting and paint colors. She patiently accompanied us to every vendor (sometimes more than once!) and really listened to our opinions. All of the vendors she recommends are terrific, with excellent and reasonable priced quality products. Our new main bathroom is a work of art. The new white oak flooring throughout the rest of the house (after much discussion!) was definitely the right decision to ensure an updated and cohesive look.

Most importantly, Angel is a lot of fun to be around. She is always smiling, which brought a calm vibe to the project. Remodeling is stressful and there are always a few hiccups, but Angela smoothed every little bump we had quickly and professionally. We look forward to utilizing her interior design skills in the future.

Mary Montanari

Our old kitchen has been

Our old kitchen has been transformed with lots of attention, skill, patience, and wisdom from Angela. She led us through several options, to just paint the cabinets, and replace old counters. We ultimately replaced stove, sink, microwave, countertop, island, all cabinets and rearranged the space to improve the “triangle” traffic flow. Way better now! It is far easier to work there now. It is far more attractive, more storage, more work space, more up to date, and pleasant to have several people working there at the same time. We both really enjoyed Angela and very much appreciate her knowledge of design and materials and practical familiarity with the options available. She was amazing at arranging to get reliable craftsmen to do the work also! No way would this have been done without her!

Andrea Vizoso